off-shore philistines don't eat songbirds

bumper-to-bumper crawling through princes end
wiper-screech on windscreen rain beats on the roof
steel-girdered globe at the angle-ring gate boasts
earth-wide exports stretch of dual-c then mad orourkes you

have arrived at the world-famous pie factory
lumphammer bitter sawdust on the floor man-pub
beer-spills huge mixed grills on shovels loud
irish music sozzled bus-tours turn right at the lights

take home your asda booty beer pies veg volvic ham
there are some sneer at all this feel superior
bunch of drunks insolent anti-EU dimwits but
i say they eat thrushes who never heard one sing


Notes: Irish/British "bumper" = Amer. "fender"

Irish/British "windscreen" = "windshield"

"Volvic" - a French bottled spring-water; it's interesting that about eight years ago, a UK consumer organisation ('Which?')) did an extensive blind-testing experiment of 'superior' bottled water with a large group of British chefs and food-writers from the 'quality' press; the overall winner turned out to be tap-water (US 'faucet water') from the men's public toilets in Stephenson Street, Birmingham UK (water from the Welsh mountains).

ASDA - British supermarket group, now part of WAL-MART