Blood Money

Let us celebrate the coming of
The Peace Dividend, the flooding in
of dollars, pounds, euros, the building
of more bungalows with beech floors,

with neat conifer-edged lawns
and security cameras front and back
to protect our possessions. Let us
shop at Sainsburys, Boots and Currys

and bring home car-boots full
of chilled coleslaw, red wine, Camembert
and the latest PCs and digital cameras.
We've had a hard time of it, so now

let's live it up Surbiton-style; let's
hang up our guns and baseball bats,
and enjoy the blessed relief that comes
when you stop head-banging the wall.

O, Father dear, I oft-times hear you talk of Erin's Isle
where the Lotto win and heroin
help those Irish eyes to smile...


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