thinking of buffy-lo bill

i never killed a redman redskin native north american
lo nor did my da nor granda great grandda
so why all these years the guilt
a nazi concept family guilt but i blame buffy

now that your big eyes have finally opened
now that youre wondering what must they feel
meaning those you have chased across
americas movie screens fuck me

i chased noone anywhere i mean
i mean father rapers arlo guthrie word association
football thats been done before by monty python
but vietnam congo left bank cyprus me

i didnt do it ok fuck off pinkoes
one afternoon in hampstead saw ten cops
not one in hamstead during twenty years
wink-wink nudge-nudge lets protect the rich

theatres ballets operas winners dinners
who am i why are we here perhaps
because we arent all there (old joke)
and getting back to high plains indians

they tortured prisoners just like the nazis did
so leave it out no victims all aggressors