Spirit of Drumcree

The Orangeman

I am a loyal Orangeman
and I wear a bowler hat -
but only on parade days
for I feel less of a prat
than if I wore it every day
of my own volition -
and you'll see me strutting round Drumcree
for it's part of our tradition ...

The Shinner

I am a bold Sinn Feiner
and I shout 'They shall not pass!'
and watch with satisfaction
as the R-U-C kick ass
from Garvaghy Road to Drumcree Church
- Orange shites make such a fuss! -
but while those sods are beating Prods
they're not down here beating us ...

The Cop

I am an R-U-C-man
and I'm stuck right in the middle,
and Northern Ireland's burning
while the politicians fiddle.
I'm quite prepared to crack heads
(it can be quite sublime!)
as long as the Brits - those treacherous shits! -
are paying overtime ...

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