The Enniskillen Bombing

Kevin Barry, Patrick Pearse and
Roger Casement and John Mitchel,
Henry Joy McCracken,
Robert Emmet and Wolfe Tone,
all are names the Provos say
inspired their active units,
but I wonder if those brave men
could have turned their hearts to stone

and murdered

Marie Wilson, Edward Armstrong,
Samuel Gault and Jessie Johnston,
Wesley Armstrong, Agnes Mullan,
Bertha Armstrong, John Megaw;
they died with Billy Mullan,
Georgina Quinton and Kit Johnston;
if peace comes, don't forget their names
or the sorrow that you saw.



Many can name well-known bombers and gunmen. There are songs about bombers and gunmen. Few outside of their families and neighbours can name any of the thousands of victims of political violence in Northern Ireland. This poem marks the deaths of one group of victims and demands that no victim should be forgotten. Not to be forgotten is the last mortal victim of Enniskillen to die; Ronnie Hill died on Thursday 28th December 2000, having been in a coma since 11th November 1987. If you would like to see the list of all those killed in the conflict between July 14th 1969 and December 31st 1998 then click here. Remember that there are names on the list of those who took the lives of others, unlike the people in the poem above and hundreds of other people who were totally innocent. If you want a summary of which organisations killed how many, click here.

Demographic projections indicate that in approximately 15 years' time (about 2015 A.D.) there will be a voting majority of non-Unionists in Northern Ireland. This may result in a referendum result favouring union with the Irish Republic. The 'Irish/English problem' has ben ongoing since the time of Henry the Second (about 850 years). Why did more than three and a half thousand people have to die when a few decades more may have given Republicans what they wanted in a constitutional framework? Perhaps the word 'may' is the key ... not to mention profits from drugs, illegal liquor and gambling, protection rackets and all the other gangland offshoots of 'Republican' and 'Loyalist' activities ... oh yes, this is criminality deeply rooted in both the republican and unionist communities.