I am a Provo, I am an INLA man,
a Red Hand Commando, a UV effer.
I am a man of myth, I am Oisín;

Look! - I am the fourth horseman.
I have created Tir na nÓg,
and many of your young will not grow old.

URL: www.mourne.net/heroes.htm


Provo: member of PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army)

INLA: Irish National Liberation Army (smaller republican guerrilla group)

Red Hand Commando: small Protestant guerrilla group

UVF: Protestant guerrilla group - offshoot of UDA (Ulster Defence Association, the largest Protestant guerrilla group)

Oisín: legendary Celtic warrior and poet

Tr na nÓg: Land of the Young - mythical 'Land of the Young' in Irish mythology (Land of Eternal Youth)