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IRELingus Home

St. Patrick's Day
One-stop centre for links about St Patrick, St Patrick's Day e-cards, gifts and freebies.
Father Ted on YouTube
Don't know who Father Ted is? Time you found out! Hilarious sitcom about three priests on Craggy Island off the west coast of Ireland. (Opens in new window)
The Newry Journal
Not a newspaper, but a fascinating site by John McCullagh - the history of Newry, reminiscences of Newry people about the town and South Armagh, photos and videos, short stories, news, culture - -a beautifully-designed and interesting site! A MUST-VISIT site!

Rambles: Celtic cultural arts
Comprehensive, attractively-designed site with a very wide range of topics and links. A 'must visit' site!

Dissident Editions
A site which defies facile or simplistic definition. Philosophically simple/complex (decide for yourself); poetry, gazetteer and field guide to megalithic Ireland (with superb photography) and enough phallicism to give the average Presbyterian minister a fit. Add impressive original artwork .... you'll end up spending much time on this site - but make sure your brain is ready for the experience! Even the guest-book entries are a cut well above the norm...

Culture IrelandBeautifully designed site with a marvellous range of links - the term 'culture' used in the widest possible sense. A 'must visit' site!
Clipart and AnimationsIf you want either - FREE - this is a great site to visit!
CUMANN LUTHCHLEAS GAELFailte go dti an maistir greasain oifigiuil don CLG Condae An Duin. The 'Archive' section contains an article by me on growing up as a Protestant in Newry - click on 'INDEX/ARCHIVE/'2000 Down Year Book' to read it :)
Club GAACentral gateway for all GAA clubs in Ireland and beyond
Irish Ghost StoriesI saw my grandmother in her house on a bright June day six months after she died, so I have something of an open mind on the subject of life after death - this is an entertaining site :)
Ultimate Webpage for Belfast and Northern IrelandEntertaining, wide-ranging site with photographs, phrase-book, recipes, lots of links
The Royal OakOld English pub in West Bromwich (West Midlands), dating from the 1820s - on a site where there have been pubs since 1305. Attractive site with interesting links; a pub with a great range of real ales.
Irish TravellersThe Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool include some material relating to Irish Travellers. A good starting-point for learning about the Travelling People
Belfast Titanic SocietyComprehensive coverage of every aspect of the Titanic tragedy. Great site!
Ireland on the NetIreland physical and political, its history, some of its famous people, its sports, Irish links. Very interesting site!
Journeys to Ireland and Celtic SpiritualityA platform for a web-design company, this fascinating site catalogues a wealth of beautiful Irish (and Canadian) locations with quality photographs and text. I thoroughly recommend a visit (you'll go back! :) )
Kids' StuffNot even remotely an Irish link - but still a wonderful site for pre-school children from BBC Education. Games, songs, other activities
The Irish VolunteersVery interesting and well-designed site about the 'Irish Brigade' of the Union Army in the American Civil War
Irish Telephone DirectoryFind that telephone number you've lost and get talking again!
The Aillwee CaveThe Ice Age created it. Incredible natural feature in Co. Clare.
Ireland First!Colourful well-designed site by Raymond Cantillon, a veteran of the Newsgroup, where I've been known to make the odd comment. Great content, ranging over all things Irish, including the lyrics and chords of many 'rebel' songs, including my late Uncle Noel's favourite 'Johnson's Motor Car' (his party piece). An uncompromisingly Republican site which I'm very glad I came across. I feel sure that you will become a regular visitor once you have sampled its delights!
Travellers' RestFact And Fiction about Irish Travellers in the U.S.A., and Home Page of Richard J. Waters. There aren't all that many sites about the Travelling People on the web, and this one is definitely worth a visit! Good selection of Midi files, with poems and fiction
Over 1100 Irish Coats of Arms graphics, with genealogy reports, ancestral map of Ireland, Irish postage stamps, free Irish screensavers, etc
The DeadList of everyone who died violently in Northern Ireland (and outside it) as a consequence of the 'Troubles' between July 14th 1969 and December 31st 1998. You can tabulate the figures on a host of variables including gender, religion, organisations etc. Interesting facts emerge: e.g. between the above dates, the Provisional IRA killed 1696 people, and other republican groups killed 328; the Ulster Defence Regiment, hated by Republicans, killed 8 people. Loyalist paramilitaries killed 990. Is it just me? - or wasn't ONE too many?
ScoilNetIrish schools net
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore and DramaMarvellous collection of links. Includes interactive Irish lessons
Local IrelandCovers the whole of Ireland - explore at county level
Irish names for boysGive your new baby boy a good Irish name! ...
Irish names for girls... or your new baby girl!
Mich Nielsen
Mich Gulbrand Nielsen's Website
A Dane who has spent more time in Ireland in the last 20+ years than I have! Great site with attractive design and excellent links from someone with an obviously real love of Ireland.
Creggan Church and Visitors Centre, Crossmaglen, Co. ArmaghGet into the daily events of a Church of Ireland (Anglican/Episcopalian) cross-border parish with a list of clergy going back to 1433. Includes details of the Visitor Centre and some excellent links
Kiss the Blarney StoneI did it in 1967 - but have often been told I didn't need to!(?) Fun site! - with lots of pics of famous Irish locations
Images of Ireland Owen Bennan's pictures, poetry and music from Ireland. Well worth a visit!
Armagh ObservatoryA must-see site! With Starlink. Great graphics and content - and I've met the webmaster! Hi Martin!
Armagh PlanetariumReally worth a visit. Web SPACE in the true sense of the word!
Irish Family History FoundationIf you want to trace your Irish roots, do it here, chequebook at the ready!
The Great WarIncludes the part played in World War 1 by soldiers from Ireland


Guide to South Armagh
All you need to know about South Armagh now and in legend

A Newry Page
Wonderful site with comprehensive information about Newry and its surroundings; many excellent photographs. Well worth a visit!

Tour County Clare
You may not be able to get "off to Lisdoonvarna at the end of the year", but you can do the next best thing and find out all you need to know about County Clare at this well-designed site, with topics ranging from castles through golf, matchmaking (of the romantic variety), bird-watching, trekking, accommodation ... you name it!

Weather Forecast for Newry, Co. Down
Check whether it's mizzlin, pourin, dashin, lashin or spittin! (see Newry Phrase-book)

Earthlore Explorations: Ireland
Impressive site with encyclopaedic overview of Irish culture and history. Highly recommended!

Dun Laoghaire
Dublin's attractive southern neighbour, home of the ferry to Holyhead in Wales, the start- and end- point of the journey 'across the water' for generations of Irish people. Well-designed, informative site.
The Dingle Peninsula Attractively designed site with comprehensive coverage of this beautiful area of Co. Kerry. Practise your Irish in the bi-lingual bits!
Photographs of Ireland (from Culture Ireland) 70 excellent photographs of locations all over Ireland on a 'Flash'-based site. Highest-quality photography; part of a site with a great range of links and dozens of mind-blowing sci-fi/SF illustrations by the webmaster. If you want to spend some time amplifying your awareness (!?) go there now!
Virtual tour of Dublin See if it's a city worth visiting before you book your flight :)
My Home Town's Website, packed with information on business development, schools, travel, media; lots of local links
Visitor's Guide to Newry and MourneComprehensive guide by a Newryman - much better than the 'official' site...
Northern Ireland Tourist BoardTravel, accommodation, historic cities, complete tourist information
Carlingford LoughGuide to Carlingford Lough and the Cooley Peninsula
Interactive Travel Guide - best of IrelandSelected destinations in Ireland

Music, Dance and Art
Taylor's Traditional TunebookOver 500 traditional tunes in General Midi format from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England and "the Colonies". High-quality multi-track sequences. If you like the midi on the IRELingus front page, you'll love this site. Barry Taylor is tops!
The Great Songs of the British IslesIf you want the words, they're here! Great Irish collection being progressively complemented by English, Scottish and Welsh songs. PLUS "Hunter" ballads from the Childe collection! No lover of traditional folk-song will regret visiting this site! (Yes, I know the term 'British Isles' p*sses some people off - but there you go :))
DIGITAL TRADITION SONGSThe scope of this site is breathtaking. I defy anyone to find a larger collection of words to traditional songs from a wide variety of sources - huge numbers from Ireland, but also British and American, maritime, Labour and revolutionary .. you name it. Not a pretty site (but so what?) - just lists of links to the songs; BUT for hundreds of songs you are offered the score in various formats: ABC, SongWright, PostScript, PMW, MIDI - even Pennywhistle notation and Dulcimer tab for many. This is a one-stop delight for all lovers of traditional music, with real chances of finding THAT song you can't find anywhere else. Just go seeking or browsing in the search-box...
BBC Radio Ulster Folk ClubColum Sands presents a feast of the best traditional and contemporary folk music and song. With live studio guests, concert performances, the latest CDs and vintage vinyl.
Irish midis and lyricsDozens of midi files and lyrics from Get there now and enjoy a cornucopia of Irish melodies and lyrics. What a collection of 'core' melodies to gladden the heart of any Hibernophile! Thoroughly recommended!
LiveIreland.comLive now from Dublin Ireland, live music and events in Real Video. 24hrs a day seven days a week, Ireland's first internet-only media station. Musical policy consists of Irish Music with the emphasis kept on a modern contemporary sound. Types of Music you can hear on Live Ireland are Fusion, Electronic, Modern Traditional, Folk, and New age all with an Irish influence, so even if you're not familiar with Irish music Live Ireland is a good introduction. Follow the MORE LIVEIRELAND FEATURES links for marvellous content! Wonderful site!
Welcome to Meadhall NineYou may get the vague feeling that there should be a notice here stating that 'You don't have to be mad to create a site like this - but it helps'; but this is a great site. Beowulf (not a Seamus Heaney in sight) is a performance poet, journalist and saxophone player and this lively site features his own poetry and that of guests, and a wide range of (sometimes surprising) content which it would be a pity to reveal in summary. You gotta go there!
Paul BradyIf you're as ancient as I am, you'll remember him in the Sixties folk group 'The Johnsons'. He's a different kettle of fish now! Writer of what I think is the best song to emerge from the troubles of the last 30 years - listen to The Island
Global Irish Pubs DirectoryLooking for the words of great Irish songs? Find them on this excellent pubs directory site which lists Irish bars all over the world
The ChieftainsIf you've heard of them, they need no introduction. If you haven't heard of them - click the link!
Van MorrisonVan the Man! - who needs to say more?
James GalwayFlute player extraordinary - his own site
Tommy MakemOfficial site of the writer of Four Green Fields, who's from Keady in Co. Armagh
Tommy SandsFolk singer/writer based in Rostrevor, Co. Down
Celtic style artAttractive site where you can purchase the art
Celtic Art by the Celtic LadyAnother visually beautiful site with Celtic Art and fonts - a cornucopia of Celtic interests
Irish RowIrish ballads, fiddle tunes and folk songs. Stylish site from an Irish band based in Colorado. Word-play such as 'Boulder Fenian Men' springs to mind - but - this is one GREAT site. Visit now!
The Gilbert and Sullivan ArchiveA most incredible web-site! What's it doing here? - Sullivan was Irish... VISIT NOW!!
Virtual TunebooksMore great collections of Irish (and other) songs

Irish Links Galore
Alice's Virtual Restaurant - Irish BuffetCan't better the lady's own description: 'a broad array of family-friendly resources for anyone, Irish resident, émigré and visitor alike, interested in the compelling history, rich culture, burgeoning economy and captivating beauty of Ireland'. Scores of interesting and useful Irish links

Island Ireland
Wonderful site -really glad I found it! As they say themselves 'The following hand-picked links will take you to resources on Irish writing of all kinds, Irish poetry, useful academic organisations and more.' Fantastic collection of links!
The Irish National Anthem Words in Irish and English (with midi).
NiceOne Comprehensive Internet resource from premier Irish company
The Northern Ireland IndexWide-ranging and expanding directory of Northern Ireland business, services and educational links
DorasIrish for 'Doorway'. Collection of Quality Irish sites - with reviews! 'IRELingus' got a 3-Shamrock Award
Living History IrelandFrom druids to the First World War... extremely interesting site!
Add an Irish LinkGot a good Irish link you'd like to see here? Please let me know!

Interesting WebCam Sites:Ireland | Scotland | England | World

Irish WebCams

Streaming webcam Dublin Central Dublin
GhostWatch at Keep watch for the ghost of a young woman in a Belfast linen mill ... zzzzzzzz :)
View from Belfast City Hall central Belfast (GMT)
Galway Galway harbour
Crown Liquor Saloon Mobile camera, refreshed every minute, from beautiful Victorian bar in Belfast, N. Ireland (GMT)
O'Connell Bridge (not its official name...) Live view of O'Connell Bridge, Dublin. Refreshed every minute or so (GMT)
Rossnowlagh Beach, DonegalCourtesy of Sandhouse Hotel, Rossnowlagh

Scottish WebCams

Gleneagles golf course Watch the golfers on the 18th green, getting ready for the 19th... (GMT)
Several cameras covering all the sights in Edinburgh Various views of Edinburgh, automatically sequenced and refreshed. (GMT)
Mull of Galloway Lighthouse Attractive seascape views in sequence (GMT)

English WebCams

London webcams - lots of 'em! If it's worth seeing in London, it's here! (GMT)

World WebCams

Eiffel Tower, Paris Several views of les toits et les boulevards (GMT +1)
Niagra Falls You may see the odd honeymoon couple ... (GMT -5)
Panama Canal The US may have lost control, but you can still keep your eye on it ... :) (GMT -5)
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem Very personal moments in a sacred place (GMT +2)
Drive a model train in France! Operate a model train! (GMT +1)
South Harbour, Helsinki, Finland (GMT +2)
Shopping street, Oulu, Finland Watch cool Finns lugging home bags of fish and alcohol ;) Follow the Eurooppa-Panoraama link (3rd icon down on left) to progressively zoom in on Oulu from space - fantastic! (GMT +2)

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