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Updated, all links working: December 20th 2011

Some non-Irish links are included because the sites are so good!

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Irish | International

Newsnow - Northern IrelandHuge resource - all the Northern Ireland news from a very wide range of sources.
IrishInBritain.NetBritain's fastest-growing web-centre for the Irish community. A must-see site!
The Limerick Post All the news from the West of Ireland
The Irish Times Ireland's premier newspaper, Dublin
The Irish Independent The other big newspaper, Dublin
The Belfast TelegraphNorthern Ireland's largest circulation newspaper
Sunday IndependentSunday version of the Irish Independent
The Irish NewsBelfast Newspaper with Nationalist viewpoint
An Phoblacht (Republican News)Read this if you want to know what Sinn Fein wants you to think it's thinking
The Newry DemocratWeekly newspaper from Newry
The LeaderWeekly newspaper from Banbridge, Co. Down (12 miles north of Newry). By the way, the Antarctic explorer Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier was born in Banbridge in 1796, and there is a commemorative statue to him in the town. There is a crater named after him on the moon!
The Ulster Tatler OnlineBelfast monthly magazine for yuppies
Irish Emigrant NewsElectronic newsletters for the Irish abroad - news and goings-on from all 32 counties
Andersonstown NewsFiercely Republican community newspaper from North Belfast
LiveIreland.comLive now from Dublin Ireland, live music and events in Real Video. 24hrs a day seven days a week, Ireland's first internet-only media station. Musical policy consists of Irish Music with the emphasis kept on a modern contemporary sound. Types of Music you can hear on Live Ireland are Fusion, Electronic, Modern Traditional, Folk, and New age all with an Irish influence, so even if you're not familiar with Irish music Live Ireland is a good introduction. Follow the MORE LIVEIRELAND FEATURES links for marvellous content! Wonderful site!
Radio Telefis Eireann OnLineStreaming radio news and music - and TV news. 'Today's News' link top left. News sometimes preceded by programme trailers
AertelRTE Teletext - instant news and entertainment schedules
BBC Northern IrelandBBC Northern Ireland TV and Radio Website
Ulster TelevisionNorthern Ireland Independent Television channel
Downtown RadioVery popular Northern Ireland commercial (music) station
Kiss FM Radio (music) station covering the provinces of Ulster and Leinster
BBC World Service (Radio) NewsBBC Radio World News Service
Sky NewsBritish satellite TV news site
UK Press(British) Press Association site with breaking news
CNNAmerican and world-wide news/breaking news

The Northern Ireland AssemblyAll the goings-on at Stormont - antiseptic glosses on the shenanigans.
The Irish ConstitutionYou can download the full Irish and English version. PDF format.
National Archives of IrelandThe ultimate resource for those interested in the history of Ireland. Information going back to the 13th Century - including emigration records - and you can find out if any of your ancestors/namesakes was transported to Australia!
Northern Ireland Public Record OfficeWide range of information on Northern Ireland
The Kilmorey PapersDetailed private records of major South Down landlords in Newry and Mourne
Irish Government ServicesComprehensive Resource of Irish Government information
Northern Ireland Public Services WebComprehensive Resource of Six Counties Administration

Linguistic Links

Comprehensive Irish Language site from Foras na Gaeilge, the body responsible for the promotion of the Irish language throughout the whole island of Ireland; founded at the end of 1999 as part of the Good Friday Agreement, it is tasked with promoting and facilitating the use of Irish in the public and private arenas on both sides of the border. You can navigate the site in either Irish or English to learn about the history of the language and its roles in Ireland today. This well-designed site is very informative in itself and offers a host of useful links to anyone interested in learning and using Irish - a massive resource!
Gaeltacht sites from Local Ireland - click through Lifestyle and People/Ireland LanguageReckon your Irish is pretty good?Try it out here! Leave English behind and plunge in! Great site!
Basic Irish Lessons8 introductory lessons in Irish, with sound files. Good place to start!
Sandy Fleming's Scots site ...has poetry, a novel (!) and Scots links. Well worth a visit!
Interactive Irish LessonsUseful and interesting site with RealAudio - some of the sound files could be a bit better, but it's well worth a visit if you'd like to learn Irish
Wir Ain LeidSite dedicated to non-regional Traditional Scots - 'an Innin tae Modren Scots'. If you are interested in the dynamics of living minority tongues, go there now!
Irish Language ResourcesLots of resources, including on-line lessons

Political Texts

The Blanket 'A Journal of Protest and Dissent' - well-designed and engrossing site wirh a very strong Irish Republican emphasis but (interestingly) a wider-than-usual spectrum of comment. The Archive section contains a veritable treasure-trove of articles on a wide range of political topics.
Short Biography of John Martin Newry's other famous patriot, friend of John Mitchel
Irish Northern Aid Committee NORAID site - Irish American republican fund-raising group. Well-designed and (to some) controversial site
Works of Patrick Pearse Poet, scholar and visionary
From a HermitageArticles written by Pearse 1913 - 1914 for Irish Freedom. Includes comments on Mitchel's Jail Journal. Site contains other Pearse writings
Works of James Connolly Visionary Irish labour leader
Robert Emmet (executed 1803) Site dedicated to the memory of the patriot buried in the Anglican churchyard of St Michan's, Dublin (the one with the preserved bodies in the crypt - including Bram Stoker's family)
Ireland in the New Century by Sir Horace Plunkett Co-operative pioneer, largely unsung

Folklore and Myth

Celtic Folklore Links Wide-ranging "sacred texts"
The Ulster Cycle Well-known collection of heroic myths and legends from Ireland
(Complete) Cattle Raid of Cooley Massive piece of work and a great read in Irish and English!
Myths and Legends of Ireland Another enjoyable, comprehensive site
Celtic Mythology Links A resource packed with information about the rich mythology of the Irish and their history, language and literature.
Celtic Mythology Even more information on the vast folk heritage of Ireland
Navan Fort/Emain MachaThe archaeology and mythology of the earliest capital of Ulster, just outside Armagh City.

Political Parties (Northern Ireland) - only if you've nothing better to do!

Alliance Party Tries to appeal to voters across the religious divide (3.9% of 2005 Westminster vote, 0 seats)
Democratic Unionist Party Hard-line Unionist party led by Ian Paisley, now the biggest party in the (suspended) Assembly (33.7% of 2005 vote, 9 seats)
Sinn Fein Political wing of the IRA (24.3% of 2005 vote, 5 seats)
Social Democratic and Labour Party Moderate Nationalist/Republican party (17.5% of 2005 vote, 3 seats)
Ulster Unionist Party More moderate than Paisley's DUP, but losing out to it (17.75% of 2005 vote, 1 seat)

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