Mary Grace Dodds (Minnie)

so finally i sang to you the spinning wheel
that wheel having turned full circle through
granny susan mallaghan you and me

i know that you remembered because you shouted
that i kept you awake through nineteen forty six
a response to my demand that you

should not disturb the woman dying
in the room next door and then they came
and attached two drips and the oxygen mask

and i knew that you were on your way but
somehow your muscles kept your lungs
sucking life into your wasted frame

suddenly we were alone because
the others were on the ground floor drinking tea
or talking to the nurses in the corridor

all of us there from half seven in the morning
and now it was half past three on a dull
grey irish afternoon and looking down

from the fifth floor there were all the little cars
buses taxis shoppers living their lives
and you were slipping into some dark void

you started moaning after each painful gulp
i touched your shoulder leant close to your deaf ear
and crooned the story of eily and her lover

the moaning stopped and i knew that you could hear
the two of us alone with da gone too five years ago
the two of us really alone for the first time

since nineteen forty seven with da in singapore
and for three minutes your moaning stopped
then seconds later it began again but i knew

that you had heard me and your mother sing to you
by half past four the morphine shots had started
and you were on the your way to meet your god