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LISTEN TO TENNYSON, BROWNING, KIPLING and a growing number of poets up to the present day (HEANEY included) reading examples of their work. (Yes, I DID say Tennyson, Browning and Kipling!) (Real Audio)

Listen to W.B. Yeats talking about the work of Edith Sitwell, the effect of WW1, the revolutionary poet T.S. Eliot and the nature of Modern poets, on 11th October 1936 (Real Audio)

Visit if you enjoy reading or writing poems, this site will point you toward top rated poetry-related sites on the web

Small Presses
THE all-singing, all-dancing gateway to everything poetic. This extremely impressive site is packed with poetry and small press links and features well-written sections on all aspects of poetry writing. There are readable articles on every aspect of the craft of writing poetry, ranging from suggestions for absolute beginners to in-depth comment for all levels of skill. Probably the best kicking-off point for poetry lovers on the web! Unreservedly recommended!
Web BooksNot really a small press, but a CORNUCOPIA of poetry and prose. I won't try to number the writers featured - go and have a look! Download FREE e-books (incredible as it may seem, one example is the collected poems of W.B. Yeats!). For lovers of literature, this site is a paradise!
Over the last twenty or so years, Jessie Lendennie's small press has emerged as a significant force in the world of Irish literary publishing, with over 150 volumes produced to date. Female poets feature strongly and the promotion of new poets is central to her mission of fostering diversity in contemporary Irish publishing. This is a well-designed site with a panoply of writers' work on offer

Poetry E-zines
Snakeskin poetry webzine
112 issues of excellent e-zine with a wide range of good poetry
poets.orgAward-winning website of The Academy of American Poets: essays on poetry, biographies of more than 500 poets, text of nearly 1800 poems, and RealAudio of over 150 poems read by their authors. New Prose section has around 400 pieces. If you love poetry (Yeats and Heaney, to name but two of those featured), you'll love this site!
Sound Eye ...Irish poetry and the Universe of writing Very interesting site with an eclectic mix of poetry including work by Trevor Joyce and Brian Coffey

Internet Poetry
Includes 9 poems by Seamus Heaney - and you can listen to him read them (RealAudio)
A poetry community with poetry, haiku, discussion groups, classifieds, free web space and more!

Superb e-zine with poetry, fiction, drama, art. Unfortunately this link is currently dead, but I keep hoping ...
Lit-NetVirtual literature centre for English West Midlands and beyond
The Poetry Super-HighwayMarvellous poetry source with mailing list

Poetry of Joseph Mary PlunkettA scholar, one of the signers of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, and executed for his part in the 1916 Rising, during which he was stationed at the GPO. Not a collection in the strict sense of the word - but well worth a place in this section!
Seamus Heaney selectionSelection of thirty poems.
Collected Poems of W.B. YeatsThe poetry of Yeats - no need to say any more :)
James StephensFourteen poems by this lyrical Irish poet. A little treasure - it's very difficult to find his work on the internet.
The On-line Books Page10000+ titles! Prose AND poetry
Kobe University, Japan150 20th-Century Poets! Well worth a visit.

Writers' Workshops
Millennium Scribblers .. Creative Writers' Group The 'Scribblers' meet every other Tuesday night in Gilford Resource Center in Gilford, Co. Armagh with the aim of learning from each other. They produce and share new work regularly. The site features a selection of poetry and short stories by local writers

The Dublin Writers' Workshop Competitions, publications, literary links and an interactive forum add up to a valuable literature site.
Irish Writers' CentreInteresting and useful site with details of poetry competitions, interviews with writers

Poetry Homepages
Poetry Mine
Poetry and autobiographical prose by Geoff Jones. Fresh, vibrant style with genuinely interesting glimpses of life in a small Welsh mining-town fifty years ago; and a developing historical novel to boot! Well worth a visit! He is an IRELingus guest poet here
Childhood Hills
Pat Mullan, a native of Derry, lives in Connemara. Childhood Hills is a selection of his poetry; he says himself: 'My work is simple, accessible, and unencumbered with intellectual reference ... 'The Early Years' are exactly that: vignettes of life growing up in Derry in Northern Ireland with some searing memories of the subliminal fear imposed by the political, religious and educational systems'.
Poems by Richard F. Meredith

richard f meredith
A selection of poems by an award-winning writer. There is a slow and gentle feel to these poems with suggestions of contentment tinged with some regret and longing. There is a close eye for physical detail; subjects range from touching a pebble to a Sunday game of 'pitch and toss'. A visit will be well rewarded.
CyberMinstrel's Poetry SiteAttractive site with some interesting poets featured - and a good selection of 'classic' poetry
Red Frog's WorldA whimsical, attractive site with animations
Poems in IrishSome poems in Irish with English translations.
Add a Poetry LinkKnow a good poetry site you'd like to see on this page? Let me know! - just a brief description and the URL, please

Zeroland A systematic directory of art and culture web pages, indexed alphabetically under subject, genre, period, name and country. ... a MUST VISIT site!
Dia Center for the Arts (formerly the Dia Art Foundation)New York Arts Institution covering a wide range of artistic endeavours. You can find Heaney recordings and so much more ... a MUST VISIT site!
Books UlsterSpecialists in new, rare and out-of-print books of Irish interest, particularly those relating to Ulster. Established in 1997 as Northern Ireland's first on-line out-of-print bookstore. Get your credit card ready - some great books!
Abbey PressYoung Newry publishing company which has already caught a few big Irish literary fish...
Palgrave's Golden Treasury of English VerseIf you went to school in Britain or Ireland before the 1980s, you'll love this one! ;)
LionheartFull text of 1000 love poems from the 1500s to 1900
Drowning ManComprehensive directory of literary publications, from small presses up to the most famous
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