what a great guy jean-paul sartre banged up
by the nazis but released not censored
grabbed a job at lycée condorcet in paris

vacated involuntarily by a jew
what became of him did sartre lose sleep
who knows now he is a tourist honey-trap in aix

smoked drank hunted women on cours mirabeau
photo on the staircase of les deux garcons
six miles from the camp at les milles

men women children shoe-horned into wagons
bound for auschwitz via drancy but
dont talk about it here drink your côtes du rhone

eat your veal thrushes foie gras shut up
they dont want to know watch them wriggle
deep in denial on the hook of national shame

... from Provence to Auschwitz... 11000 Jews

un gros mot - honte

the concentration camps of France

URL: www.mourne.org/sartre.htm