In vino poeta

They start to come, the words,
tumbling down Blossom Hill,

dropping from Long Mountain
incongruous on grey and rainy afternoons;

Californian Ruby Cabernet
hard pressed by Rivercrest cépages

a cherry bouquet from the Valle Central;
the road ahead seemed long,

but now appears quite short;
we're in the mood, so now before I go,

lets murder bulls
and call it art,

lets murder civilians
and call it war,

let's murder babies
and call it choice,

let's murder the world's poor
and call it EU subsidy;

down goes the ship
but what to do? I know!

shriek intellectuals of the world unite!
you have nothing to lose but your brains!

But don't stop there! Listen now, for here
is the secret of the great escape:

come in and stay in
shut the doors and windows

lock the doors and windows
keep out the light

bruises are invisible
in the dark

don't think for yourself
don't think for yourself

just watch the children
turn and walk away.

Looking for dog-shit in the street
you cannot watch the stars.

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